The Antagonist

by Nevaloth

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"The Antagonist" is a conceptual work having almost an hour in length. It contains 11 tracks concerning the philosophical archetype of the Antagonist, covering a great chapter of Nevaloth's existence, that musically transcends the steady waters of traditional black metal.


released December 22, 2013

All music by Nevaloth.
All lyrics by Delgrast.

Recorded in Zvolen in 2012–2013.
Recording and mixing by Vilozof.
Mastering by Miroslav Spevák – SPK audio.
Released by Sonic Temple Records.

Graphic design by Svjatogor.



all rights reserved


Nevaloth Zvolen, Slovakia

Nevaloth is a black metal band from Zvolen, Slovakia.

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Track Name: The Anchoress
“For only he who is alive is in the right.
Farewell, thou dream of so many millions; farewell,
thou who hast tyrannized over thy children for a
thousand years!
Tomorrow they carry thee to the grave; soon thy
sisters, the peoples, will follow thee. But, when they
have all followed, then—mankind is buried, and
I am my own, I am the laughing heir!”
– Max Striner, The Ego & Its Own
Track Name: Aeon of Iconoclasm
Ye offspring of a sightless herd! Know that
This is the Revaluation of all Values
An Aeon of Iconoclasm

Unveil a history of hypocrisy
Prevail upon a heritage of lies
Of Christian & other qliphotic forces
As the last sense of freedom in thee dies

Uncorrupted one
Selfish deviant
Son of a new dawn
Grinder of your own chains
Thou art no more a slave!

A spark of Enlightenment
An individual Revaluation of all Values
In an Aeon of Iconoclasm

“Darkness of both spirit & body
Endless contempt ‘pon mankind
Mindless slaves of theology”
Needless to say I abort this all tonight

We, noble philosophers perhaps came too early, but
Was not also Mohammed forsaken in Mecca, and Jesus in Gethsemane?

Enlight all darkness
Enthrone the virtuous, lift the
Ensigns of power, in an
Endeavour for glory

Ye sightless herd! Know that this is
A prelude to a universal Apostasy
In An Aeon of Iconoclasm
Fucking 21st century…

“I am alone; there is no god where I am.”
– Liber AL vel Legis
Track Name: Moment of Apostasy
Hitherto mere mob instincts, a false ancient heirloom prevailed
An opiate poisoning me and all generations before me
Henceforth I am and shall stay my only own
I enthrone my Will as the King of Me with a celestial crown

By the destruction of the ego I overcame the laws of Karma
For those unattached, awakened ones are beyond causality
Through the path of Vamamarga I broke connection with the all too human
And ascended into the divine, sacred and unprofaned

No more do I belong to the men who die
Life is death and death shall be pure ecstasy
And as I break the bonds of physical and metaphysical
I plunge into the Nothingness, the Ain above Him…

The Nothingness…
The Ain…
The Meon…
Above Him…

“Is a God to live in a dog? No! but the highest are of us. They shall rejoice, our chosen: who sorroweth is not of us.”
– Liber AL vel Legis
Track Name: The Anagnorisis
“My account is that it was the Messiah who fell,
& formed a Heaven of what he stole
From the abyss.”
– William Blake; The Marriage of Heaven & Hell
Track Name: Per Aspera Ad Astra
Spare me all your blasphemy
That my deiform alchemy
Is not a grand renaissance
Yet mere inane decadence
Spare me your stupidity
Flam and false chastity
For arguments of a slave
Can’t harm the raving brave

More than twenty centuries
Man knew not of mysteries
How a god can he become
And in Aaru be welcome
I crush stars as I storm high
I sense eternity nigh
Or am I already abroad?
I, dethroning God

If others hadn’t been foolish
Thus we should be so
Thrill and lust for power
Fame and glory also
Path to Apotheosis
Spat at as a sinful crime
Yet still I seek that tower:
To reign beyond the end of time

The birthplace of wildest dreams
The heart of man, so it seems
Nourished the passion noblest:
To reach the stars farest
To desire the impossible
And wish even above it
To undertake the horrible
With the greatest wisdom shouted:


Now thou should see that there’s naught in this world
That can befall without a cause, a reason
Ergo this is the most just of all possible worlds
And Christ’s rebellion equals a treason!

Heraclites, I found thee
In thy fortress if wisdom
Eternity – great bounty
Fragility – thy kingdom

Oh my beloved, unreachable stars!
Soon I shall touch ye and ascend above ye!

A truly sublime one learns how to love his foe
A truly sublime one lives to act – though it’s woe
A truly sublime one exceeds all that is known
Grave satisfactions are only illusions
Hate me for abolishing these yer delusions
That there aren’t no afterlife persecutions

In an immense philosophy of a noble mind
Love and hatred devotedly blend into one
An unnamed ardour, the only one of a kind
Beyond which total indeterminateness is won
But now I’m everlastingly ascending there
Where a distinction between good & evil is not
Far beyond the highest known sephiroths
Where I am God and God is me

I hate, therefore I am.

“The roaring of lions, the howling of wolves, the raging of the stormy sea, and the destructive sword, are portions of eternity too great for the eye of man.”
– William Blake; The Marriage of Heaven & Hell
Track Name: Philosophy of a Noble Mind
I am the cure for every weakness
My name equals to that of the six of wands

I spit on thy aeternae veritates!
Enough of thy wretched Because!
May the bastard be damned as a dog
With all those who fail to realize that

(To) Conquer is enough!

Once a three-eyed pilgrim said:
“There is no God than You and the God within You”

Lords of an Infernal Rebellion!
Gather ’round the Rex Mundi
Open the Liber חוחי to invoke

“Who is it, that is to become free? You, I, we.
Free from what? From everything that is not you, not I, not we.”
– Max Stirner, The Ego & Its Own
Track Name: The Abjection
“At all times, in every century, every age, there has been such a connection between despotism and religion that it is infinitely apparent and demonstrated a thousand times over, that in destroying one, the other must be undermined, for the simple reason that the first will always put the law into the service of the second.”
– Marquis de Sade
Track Name: Lightbearer Emperor

Bearer of Light!
Noble above all
Whom once they called
“The true son of God“

Once thy pride was thy virtue
And thy ambition was just
Celestial poets sang of you
Where now weak innocence rusts

Every angel looked up to thee
For the beauty and the idea you held
The idea of perfection gave birth to energy
In a sphere which of stagnancy smelt

Do ye recall the day when the bells of war rang?
“A third of Heaven” they say “along with Lucifer sang
Of most dire deeds.”
And the hour when hordes of Belial schorched the land
Of Heavens’ Utopia and no one could withstand
As thy rage feeds.

You claimed thyself a chosen newborn king
And we ruined Heaven’s outer ring –
The halls of slavery
We rejoiced as Michaels legions fell
We conquered, and though we fought well
We couldn’t defeat Gods’ mastery

Truly no angel could resist thy power
And we all hoped for triumph until the hour
When God stroke back
Where honor fails, there treachery wins
The act of God cast all of your kings
To the burning lake

What was true is now false
And what was false is now true
So lift yer eyes and see the Emperor azure-blue!

Elysium bursts with fire
And the celestial plains are cold
As the Lightbearer storms higher –
What a sight to behold!

Stop! I’ve seen your thoughts
Another bonds
Free yourself
– Apprentice –
Now – Do what thou wilt
That what thou felt
And ye shall win
– Master –
“Shit – is that what you are
You won’t get far
From me“
– Grandmaster –
And – those who that say
Thou shall not obey
And you’ll be
– Emperor –

Let blood flow to my name!

There are no gods
Nor Deities powerful
So bow not to odds
Or lies so wonderful
Which brainwash ye fast
Rise like Samael
Who from the Heavens flies
To stampede Gabriel
And trample the lies
With a mighty stormblast
Defy all those who against ye fought
And filthy religions which only brought
Hate, ruin and terror
Find wisdom in scrolls of luciferian
Where in every liberated soul dwells an
Lightbearer Emperor

“The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.”
– John Milton, Paradise Lost, I, 254–255
Track Name: Sorrow & Joy
I. Jerusalem

Once she roamed on windless seas
The same horizon made to by seen
By her for all eternity
Once she dreamt out in the cold
How beautiful it’d be getting old
With her own fragility
She, then a creature of the night
Did hide from the sun of light
Of act and nonconformity
She imagined how tastes joy
While herself she was God’s toy
Keeping her own virginity

She, a heart of bleeding scars
And the firmament of stars
Of which she could reach none
A thousand of them in her sight
Her was the last, the death of night
When others perished and were gone

II. Athens

A messenger did appear to her
Taking her there
Where Nietzsche defeated Kierkegaard
And Crowley triumphed over Jesus
Into a rapturous state of mind
In which the pure will taught us

And there, the Prophet sang to her:

“All the fools thou shall despise
And above them all thou shall arise
‘Bove them who a great sorrow bear
For whom reality’s a dreadful ’mare

They’re They who breed pestilence
And mourn all their acts: Know hence
As sorrow’s elected by innocence
The key of joy is disobedience”

III. Rome


As you now know thy most true name
Let me now teach you of glory and fame
There is no law, there is no bound
So now roam free my beloved hellhound!

IV. Babylon

If pity and compassion visit thy heart
Then you die and with you all the true art
Of joy and rapture and thousands and more
There is a veil and that veil is black
On all chaste women ye shall turn your back
Ye, who truly know the virgin and the whore

“Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that all the sorrows are but as shadows; they pass & are done; but there is that which remains.”
– Liber Al vel Legis
Track Name: Herostratic Fate
Part One: Herostratus

Even the Temple of great Artemis
Shall bow before the tempest of my intrepidity!

Judge me o highest Ephesean authorities!
Execute me, forsake me and curse my name!
Silence all voices in this void of lustre
Yet nothing can divide me from my fame!

“What matter the victims, provided the gesture is beautiful?”

Perhaps my life was a stargazer’s life
But my acts were a sermon against escapism
The ardency burning my vigorous soul
Turning all prudence into joyful unreason
Not even the threat of damnatio memoraie
Can’t prevent the fiery glory-seeker
From trying to kiss the feet of true eternity:
For death is for the weak, oblivion for the weaker

I never desired less than to become the Alpha and the Omega...

...I now admit I should desired to become even more…

Stepping on untouched soil gives the mob a reason
To pull down the explorer and call him a heretic
And perhaps what doesn’t kill ye, makes ye stronger
Yet now the fate is sealed and the days are numbered

...For God is only an idea made up to inspire us in overwhelming it!

Locked in a candle-lightened chamber
And diving into the depths of myself
Still I create my absonant music
The monument I built for my love

“What matters the death of vague human beings,
If thereby the individual affirms himself?”

Part Two: The Fall of the Antagonist

Although the Fall was prolonged
It seems that Sardanapalus’s fate can’t be avoided

What a satisfaction for the most miserable ones
And what a ease for all their slave-holders
Is to spit on my face and trample me with their dirty feet
To see the herd affirm itself in crushing the individual

Despite how deep I fell,
In the worst Abyss there’s one solace,
One truth no one can deny
And this is it:

“I have not been and I became
I am and I’m glad that I am
I will be and I shall stay remembered forever

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning, how
Art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the Nations
For thou had said in thine heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will
Exalt my throne above the stars of God I will seat also upon the mount
Of the congregation, in the side of the north. I will ascend above the
Height of the cloud, I will be like the most High…”
– Isaiah 14:12–17
Track Name: The Apotheosis
The ending of the words is the Word 418.